Festival Film'Ô international In Sign Language

Film’Ô is an international Short Film Festival in Sign Language and Deaf culture. It will take place in Toulouse, in France.

How appeared the idea of this festival Film'Ô ?

In October 2021, some Deaf people went to the short film festival in Tolosa, in the Spanish Basque Country. They discovered that in Spain, eight or nine short film festivals take place in the year. And that in France, there was almost not this kind of event except two: the famous Clin d'oeil festival in Reims and the Deaf Film Festival in Nancy/Montpellier which encourages Deaf middle and high school students. That's why, from the big motivation of these guys, Film'Ô was conceived !

Festival 2023

Les ambitions de ce festival ?

Shed light
on the hidden talents of professionals and passionate persons in the short film world
some opportunities of meeting between professionals and passionate people in a same place
Make easy
the contact between the professionals
by screening cinematographic works in Sign Language